25 New HondaJet Elite II Order at Volato

Matt Liotta has just inked a multi-million dollar deal and announced a 25 HondaJet Elite order at Volato. This coming off the heels of JetIt CEO Glen Gonzalez ripping into HondaJet for failing to live up to the standards he thinks they should be operating at.

Volato is making strides in the fractional jet and aircraft management market with its latest order of 25 HondaJet Elite II light jets. The company, headquartered in Atlanta, expects to begin taking deliveries in 2023 and will be completed by 2025, which will bring its total fleet to more than 40 HondaJets.

The new HondaJets will expand Volato’s fleet to nearly 50 planes, making it one of the largest operators of the light jet in North America. The state-of-the-art aircraft feature advanced aerodynamics and engines optimized for performance, efficiency and low noise levels.

The additional Gulfstream G280s will add to Volato’s range of services, which already includes a number of jet and turboprop aircraft. The G280 offers superior performance in speed and range, additional cabin space, advanced avionics and greater fuel efficiency than earlier models.

Volato & HondaJet

The partnership between Volato and Honda Aircraft Company further underscores the importance of fractional ownership in the aviation industry. This 25 HondaJet Elite order will help by allowing a single owner to share the cost, risk, and benefits of owning an aircraft with other owners, fractional ownership has become increasingly popular in recent years.

According to Liotta, “Volato’s mission is to bring luxury fractional ownership within reach, and we are delighted to work with Honda Aircraft Company to provide our customers with the ultimate in private jet experiences.” The agreement will give Volato customers access to a wider range of aircraft than ever before, allowing them to fly safely and conveniently across the country.

Glen Gonzalez Jet It Talks Honda

Glen Gonzalez Jet It Talks Honda

JetIt CEO Still Fuming

Glenn Gonzalez, the founder and CEO of fractional company Jet It, recently sent a scathing letter to customers citing Honda Aircraft Company’s lack of customer service. In the letter, he accused Honda Aircraft Company of costing his company tens of millions in losses due to its apparent gaps in customer service. He further criticized the aircraft manufacturer for failing to adequately address customer issues in a timely manner, and for not providing sufficient support when problems occur.

Gonzalez stated that Jet It had been forced to take drastic measures due to Honda Aircraft Company’s negligence, including raising prices on customers in order to compensate for lost revenue. He expressed his hope that the company would make substantial changes to its customer service practices in the near future.

Gonzalez concluded his letter by emphasizing that Jet It remains devoted to providing its customers with the highest quality of service, despite having to contend with Honda Aircraft Company’s poor customer service record.

Volato Doubling Down on HondaJet

Volato instead has deepened their relationship with Honda Jet and the Elite 2 as stated by Liotta: “Every business decision we make aims to deliver the best experience for our customers,” Liotta said. “Volato’s fractional ownership program provides an unmatched offering in the industry, and it makes sense that one of our key partners would have the equivalent offering in aircraft manufacturing. Receiving such a large order from HACI is a big win for Volato and further reinforces our strong working relationship.” … Read more about Volato—>