HondaJet Elite II

The next era of VLJ's are here. The HondaJet Elite II is one of the newest and best in class very light jets to hit the scene.

Key HondaJet Elite II Specifications

1,547 NM

Max. Cruise Altitude
45,000 Feet

Max Cruise Speed
422 KTAS

Seating configurations
4-5 passengers

HondaJet Elite II

The HondaJet Elite II

The HondaJet Elite II also features an advanced avionics suite, allowing it to fly with the utmost precision and safety. The aircraft is equipped with a full glass cockpit, providing pilots with an unprecedented level of situational awareness, while its advanced autopilot system ensures an easy and comfortable flight. The HondaJet’s advanced engines also provide superior performance in any environment. Its powerful turbofan engines allow it to climb quickly and reach its maximum altitude of 45,000 feet in just 25 minutes. The engines also provide a significant reduction in noise compared to other aircraft, making the HondaJet Elite II an incredibly quiet ride for passengers and neighbors alike.

HondaJet Elite II Price

In 2023, the cost for a HondaJet Elite II starts at 7 million to 9 million dollars depending on add-ons, customization and model type.

HondaJet Elite II Specifications

NBAA IFR Range (4 occupants)
1547 nm (2865 km)

Maximum Cruise Speed (FL300, ISA)
422 KTAS (782 km/h)

Takeoff Distance (SL, ISA, MTOW)
3,699 ft (1,128 m)

Landing Distance (4 Occupants, NBAA IFR Reserves, Unfactored)
2717 ft (829 m)

42.62 ft (12.99 m)

Wing Span
39.76 ft (12.12 m)

14.90 ft (4.54 m)

Combined Stowage
62 cubic ft

Aft Compartment
53 cubic ft

Nose Compartment
9 cubic ft

HondaJet Elite II Range Distance

How far can the HondaJet Elite II fly?

The HondaJet Elite II offers a remarkable range of 1547 nm with 4 passengers. The HondaJet Elite II has been designed to provide users with unbeatable performance. Thanks to its expanded range, increased fuel capacity, and gross weight increase, it delivers greater mission capability and flexibility than any other aircraft in its class. On top of this, the HondaJet Elite II makes use of advanced technologies allowing it to cruise at a higher speed while achieving better fuel efficiency. This enhanced performance makes the HondaJet Elite II an excellent choice for operators looking to get their mission done in less time, at a lower cost.

HondaJet Elite II Technology

HondaJet Elite II Technology

The HondaJet Elite II is designed to offer a superior customer experience with its advanced technology, luxurious cabin, and efficient performance. The aircraft features engines that are highly fuel-efficient, cutting-edge avionics systems for enhanced navigation and communication capabilities, as well as an ergonomically designed interior to optimize comfort during flight.

Furthermore, the HondaJet Elite II automated systems and advanced construction materials make it one of the safest aircraft designs on the market. This combination of technology, performance, efficiency, and luxury creates an unparalleled customer experience that is simply unmatched in the aviation industry. The HondaJet Elite II is truly a revolutionary aircraft that is setting new standards for passenger comfort and safety in air travel.

Automated Anti-Ice, Lighting and Pressurization Systems
Provide convenience and reduced workload for pilots.

Automated Ground Spoilers
Enhances take-off and landing performance through the automatic deployment of spoilers upon landing or rejected take-off.

Advanced Steering and Augmentation System 
ASAS helps the pilot by detecting changes in aircraft yaw rate and providing directional assistance to nose wheel steering for increased stability and tracking.

Stabilized Approach
Visual and aural alerting to the pilot if the aircraft is in an unstable approach to the airport by monitoring speed and location relative to the programmed approach.