Take a Trip to Antarctica

One of the few places least visited globally. Antarctica is a land of wonder, excitement and beauty. Discover tours, travel packages and how you can access this world very few know about.

Luxury Antarctica Cruise

Trip to Antarctica

World of Ice & Beauty

If you listened really closely in the late winter, you could almost hear it: the distinct rustle of parkas…
Instagram feeds are getting populated with penguins, icebergs, and red-cheeked travelers squinting in the Antarctic sunshine and raising Champagne flutes to their 7th continent

Antarctica. The land mass at the bottom of the globe, completely encased in ice. Remote wilderness, featured in nature documentaries and science books. It might seem very hard to reach. Perhaps even impossible… But it’s not.

Like legendary explorers traveling into the unknown, travelers today are looking to push their own limits and visit truly wild places to connect with nature and disconnect from their daily lives. Traveling to Antarctica touches on something resonant within us all—that desire to get out on the edge of what we know. Otherworldly landscapes, 24 hours of continuous daylight, place of infinite mysteries and possibilities, where silence is inhabited by the muffled sounds, cracking noises of glaciers as they power down steep mountainsides, growls and peeping of charismatic penguins and whispers of another world. Scenes that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

​​Those who come back from Antarctica say that you will never be the same.

What Are You Waiting For?

What Can I Do In Antarctica?

Welcome, future Antarctica visitor. Your are here because you want to visit somewhere mysterious and stunning and that’s what sparked your interest.

Wondering what is there to do in Antarctica other than seeing snow and ice everywhere? You will be surprised!

Take your pick below!

Antarctica Travel

Antarctica Travel Packages

Antarctica travel packages you can get started on. Let’s talk about your trip wants & needs!

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Trip to Antarctica by Jet

Private Jet to Antarctica

Price: starting at $62,500 per person

How do you feel about Camping? What about Camping in Antarctica?
The ultimate land-based adventure begins on a private jet Gulfstream G550 from Cape Town to the private ice runway on the southernmost continent.
Only 12 travelers will embark on this 5 day odyssey to visit an Emperor penguin colony.
Futuristic and luxurious “sky pods” as you accommodation are kitted out for warmth and wonder with floor to ceiling windows allowing you to soak in the moon-like landscape beyond.

Multiple dates,
Season is November 19th through February 1st.

Hurry! Only a few spaces left for the 2022-2023 season!

Luxury Antarctica Cruise

Luxury Cruise to Antarctica

Price: starting from $19,450 per person

Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, French joie de vivre, a true masterpiece of technology and comfort, designed to sail through ice-covered waters, you will embark on an adventure taking you to the remote lands of the White Continent. You will sail through Drake Passage, cross the Arctic Circle, discover various islands, observe penguins, seals, and if lucky, humpback and Antarctic mink whales and orcas. Team of passionate experts will be on board to educate and inspire you.

– Transfers and flights Santiago <-> Ushuaia (business class upon request)
– Overnight in Santiago the day before embarkation
– Various activities: Polar Plunge, Kayaking, Zodiac tours, snowshoeing and so much more!

Reach the South Pole

Trip to South Pole

Price: from $98,500 per person

This luxury 8-day adventure takes you into the heart of Antarctica by private jet to explore the vast landscape and see the Emperor Penguins. Then it’s on to the southernmost point on earth – the South Pole! At the designated marker, you will be at the lowest point on earth. A place with no more East, South or West – only North and you will be able to walk around the world!
Stay in one of our futuristic and luxurious “sky pods” with floor to ceiling windows, inspired by Space exploration.

Antarctica Your Way

Price: varies

There are so many options to visit this phenomenal place. If you are feeling excited but overwhelmed: Do I absolutely have to cross the Drake passage? How many days is enough? Will I get cold? (Yes, you will, but it is absolutely worth it), and many more questions – let me help. We’ve all heard the saying “Go with the flow.” In Antarctica we like to say, “Go with the snow!”
Let me guide you through the options that are most suitable to you and we will find the best way for you to experience Antarctica.