Can you go to Antarctica?

Yes, you can go to Antarctica!

Almost 75,000 visitors made the journey in the 2019-2020 season, with around 50 expedition vessels sailing Antarctic waters each year.

Here are some fun numbers:

Can you go to Antarctica

How do I get to Antarctica?

You have 3 options: Cruise, Fly or a Combination of both.

  • By Cruise Ship

About 90% of travelers go to Antarctica by cruise ships. Most cruises to Antarctica depart from Argentina. Sailing the Drake Passage from the tip of South America to the Antarctic Peninsula takes about 48 hours.

There are some cruise companies that offer voyages from New Zealand and Australia, but the journey takes much longer.

  • Fly & Cruise

Flying to Antarctica (King George Island) takes 2 hours from Punta Arenas, Chile. From there you will embark on a cruise ship that will take you across the continent, immersing in the otherworldly beauty of the most extreme latitudes on the planet.


– Save time (you will skip 4 days of travel!) and be comfortable flying Business Class

– Start your Cruise in the heart of the destination

– Avoid the potential seasickness by skipping the Drake Passage

  • By Private Jet

We offer a very unique itinerary – Fly Private and Luxury Camp in Antarctica!

You can join the ultimate land-based adventure on a private jet Gulfstream G550 from Cape Town, Africa to the private ice runway on the southernmost continent. The journey will take about 5 hours. Only 12 travelers in a group will embark on this 5 or 8-day odyssey and visit an emperor penguin colony and the geographic South Pole. Explorers will stay in a cozy bedroom pod that is kitted out for warmth and wonder and will be served gourmet meals.

Multiple dates, Season is November 19th through February 1st.

Prices (including private jet flight):
Starting at $62,500 per person for 5-day journey and seeing baby Emperor penguins
Starting at $98,500 per person for 8-day exploration to see Emperor penguins and visit South Pole

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Final Takeaway on: Can you go to Antarctica?

I hope I answered you “Can you go to Antarctica?” question fully. As you see, you can visit Continent 7 in many ways and there are quite a few options to choose from. Feel free to contact me for any Antarctic trips you would like me to help you plan!