How Much is a Trip to Antarctica?

A trip to Antarctica can cost anywhere between $9,703 and $104,000+ per person.

Trip costs to Antarctica varies so widely because it is based on several things:

– Land-based adventure or Cruise

– Private jet or chartered flight

– Number of days (5 – 28)

– Your Itinerary

– Month you are going

– How far ahead you book

– If cruising, which ship and cabin category…

Those are the primary factors influencing Antarctica trip price.

In addition to the price, there are also additional expenses travelers should account for. These include the cost of flights to get to the starting point of your trip, pre- or post-cruise hotel overnight stays, added adventure activities, your gear (I mean… It is not Miami weather…) and other things.

That’s why it is very important to pick the right tour, as some will already include all of those things.

Let me find you the best option ->

Or check out Antarctica tour options with pricing here ->

Final Takeaway on: How Much is a Trip to Antarctica?

The best thing you can do to know How Much is a Trip to Antarctica will be to contact me. Depending on your wants and needs we can discover the best option for your budget. As you can see, you can visit Antarctica in many ways and there are quite a few options available budget-wise. Feel free to contact me for any Antarctic trips you would like to plan.

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